DIY Advice: Using Wood Floor Adhesive

Now that you’ve taken the proper steps to prep your subfloors (refer to our last blog article, “Creating a Moisture Barrier”), it’s time to apply the adhesive and lay the wood. This tutorial, especially helpful for first-time DIYers, explains how to use WAKOL MS 260 Wood Floor Adhesive.

How to use WAKOL MS 260 Wood Floor Adhesive, Firm-Flexible

Benefits of WAKOL MS 260 Wood Flooring Adhesive, firm-flexible

    • Zero VOC
    • Solvent free, water free
    • Easy to clean up
    • Can be used directly over WAKOL PU 280 Moisture Barrier
    • Helps with sound reduction

How to Apply WAKOL MS 260

Step 1 – Remove the lid, place the bucket on its side and take out the inliner.

Step 2 – Make a 1.2 inch cut at the top of the inliner.

Step 3 – Pour enough adhesive for 10 square feet onto the floor.

Step 4 – Spread the adhesive uniformly and evenly using the recommended trowel.

Step 5 – Lay the wood flooring into the wet adhesive and press firmly.

*Note – Avoid traffic on installed areas for 6 to 8 hours following installation. Once adhesive has completely cured (24 to 48 hours depending on room temperature), full traffic is allowed.
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