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3 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Licensed Floor Installer

Deciding whether to have your hardwood floors installed by yourself or a professional depends on a lot of factors. If you bought a kit and you have decent handyman skills, then you can probably DIY the project and be satisfied with the outcome.

But if you bought exotic hardwood floors such as Brazilian cherry or Patagonian rosewood, you want someone who is licensed and has years of experience in wood flooring installation to achieve the results you want.

Hiring a wood floor installer based on price alone often ends up costing you money in the long run. In fact, if you hire someone who is not certified and they do a poor job, you may not have many options for recourse.

To protect yourself from avoidable expense and aggravation, consider the following advantages to hiring a licensed floor installer.

Industry Standards Protect Consumers Like You

Licensed wood floor installers do their jobs according to standards set by their trade association, like the National Wood Flooring Association for hardwood floor installers.

These standards involve providing you a detailed price quote in writing, meticulously planning the layout and pattern for those tricky cuts and unusually shaped rooms, preparing the subfloor correctly (and not just leveling it with glue), acclimating the wood flooring according to your local conditions, using enough high-quality fasteners throughout the floor, creating the pattern you want no matter how intricate, among others.

NWFA floor installers, for example, need to take continuing education classes annually to maintain their certifications. This means they develop the necessarily skills to execute the kind of flooring pattern you want out of exotic hardwood floors.

Liability Insurance Keeps Your Hardwood Investment Safe

Licensed installers carry liability insurance to cover any work-related damages.

There are many things that could possibly go wrong on site through no fault of either the homeowner or the installer. Hiring non-certified floor installers may leave you with a bill more than the cost of the flooring should anything go wrong with project, or the installer suffered from any work-related injury or health-risk. In California, licensed contractors are even required to carry surety bonds to protect consumers if the terms of contract are not met by the installer.

Your Voice Can Be Heard

You can lodge a complaint against a licensed flooring installer if he or she has violated standards of conduct.

For example, NWFA has a complaint process you can complete online if you feel that your expectations were not properly addressed or if you were not dealt with integrity. Trade associations like NWFA not only ensure their members have the necessary skills to do the job, but also the right attitude in dealing with homeowners.

Get Referral for a Qualified Installer

Not sure where to find licensed flooring installers? Visit our showroom to get a referral for a qualified installer to meet your unique needs and expert answers to all your hardwood flooring questions.

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