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4 Distinct Hardwood Flooring Trends

Even though hardwood floors can last a lifetime, different trends come and go. Here are 4 distinct trends we think are here to stay. Each can give your home a unique look and provide years of enjoyment and easy clean up.

Pick a Shade of Grey

Gray has become the new neutral of choice, with both dark gray and light gray finishes popular. Gray shows up everywhere, as the color of walls, cabinets, and bath fixtures. It’s been underfoot in tiles and rugs, and now is showing up as the stain color on wood floors. Go really dark and ebonize the wood for a totally black look. Of course, fashion is fickle and at the same time these darker shades are popular, lighter blonde finishes are also popular to coordinate with the mid-century modern, Scandinavian design trend.

Use a Matte Finish

Shiny polished floors are always in because of how clean they look, but low-gloss, matte finishes are starting to edge out the shiny look in popularity. One key advantage this new hardwood flooring trend has is that a matte finish helps hide minor damage like scratches, making the floor look new and clean longer. We highly recommend going with a matte finish for your floor if your home has kids or pets.

Make a Pattern out of Exotic woods

There are more options than ever before; hardwood choices aren’t limited to oak, pine, and other common trees. The hardwood flooring trend today is to use unusual woods, like Brazilian walnut, African ironwood and bamboo. The strong colors and grain patterns in these woods add an additional design element to a hardwood floor and are a modern alternative to patterns in parquet. Bamboo has the added benefit that it is ecologically sustainable, and while it’s technically a grass, bamboo wears very well.

Choose Wide Planks

Hardwood flooring trends favor wide planks, larger than the five-inch standard, that make a statement underfoot. This style is a wide, matte finish and usually wire brushed to add more texture. Wider wood is more easily affected by temperature and humidity changes, so consider whether it will wear well in your home in addition to looking good.

If you go with one of these hardwood flooring trends, you can achieve a very distinct look. Not only that, but your floors will last for decades and provide you with a clean and comfortable home.

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