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Beautiful Hardwood Flooring Patterns

Beautiful Hardwood Flooring PatternsLaying down hardwood in beautiful patterns has never been more popular! More and more people are moving away from traditional planks and moving towards patterns that are so versatile and dynamic. Hardwood flooring patterns can add an interesting element to any room. Let’s look at some of the most popular hardwood flooring patterns as selected by top interior design organizations.

  • Chevron – V or inverted V-shaped lines of floor planks

  • Herringbone – parallel lines of wood planks placed in alternating sloping columns

  • Parquet – tiles of any size arranged in a variety of geometric designs

  • Checkerboard – square tiles in light and dark colors in an alternating pattern

  • Diagonal – wooden planks are arranged at 45 degree angles

  • Wicket – a plank in a different size or color is placed anywhere on the floor

  • Picture Frame – a design placed near the edge of a room

Decorate a Room with Beautiful Wooden Floors

Anyone redecorating their home can select from a variety of hardwood flooring patterns to add an interesting element to a room. Different types of wood including pine, maple and walnut are used to make simple to install floor tiles or planks. The tiles and planks are also available in an assortment of sizes that are appropriate for particular building spaces such as stairways. Wood is a traditional material for floors in businesses and homes because of its beauty and durability. Many property owners enjoy having a natural material on their floors that is simple to keep clean. Wood planks and tiles are perfect for individuals with allergies to carpet fibers or household dust because the materials are easier to clean.

Create a Unique Decorative Effect

While plain wood floors with smooth flat planks are a common material used at residential and commercial properties, designers also make hardwood floor tiles and planks suitable for bedrooms, entranceways and living rooms that are simple to arrange in particular patterns. There are great reasons to use hardwood flooring patterns for a room that has an unusual shape such as a hexagon. Certain types of tile placement designs can help to make a room look bigger, smaller or more inviting. Several of the floor designs arranged by an expert will look best alone while others are combined to create a unique decorative effect.

The Importance of Professional Flooring Installation

In short, it is easy to stay up on this wood flooring trend when you work with a reputable flooring company and installer/designer team. There are many patterns to choose from, and our Pinterest board has even more hardwood flooring patterns to inspire you on your next project.

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