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Busting Hardwood Flooring Myths

People often have a lot to say when it comes to flooring choices in a home. Trends come and go, and often homeowners are left to decide for themselves what they think will work best for their lifestyle. Will hardwood be too cold? Will it retain its value? Will Fido and Fluffy like it? Will it go out of style soon? With so much talk about hardwood floors, it can be tough to distinguish fact from old wive’s tale. We’ve relied on our NWFA certified inspector to bust the top 5 most common myths around hardwood floors in the home.

#1 – You should choose quality wood flooring based off of the Janka rating alone.

Quality when it comes to hardwood floors, is not just about the Janka rating, the stain or the finish. It is actually about all three of these things. Flooring with a high Janka rating may be durable, but if you put a low quality finish on it and only apply a couple of coats, it will show wear sooner that it should. When selecting a hardwood floor, you should be sure to look at the Janka rating, the color stain you want, the quality of the finish and how many coats will be applied. If you aren’t sure about the quality of a finish, bring your sample into our store and we can perform a quick test to let you know the rating using our Newton pen.

#2 – You should use a mop and a bucket to clean wood floors

There are two different types of regular cleaning you should do to keep your hardwood floors looking great. Regular maintenance such as dusting with a microfiber cloth or mop (dry only) will help to keep them looking fresh. If something spills on your hardwood floors, clean it up right away so that it doesn’t soak into the finish. Twice a year, it is a good idea to do a deep cleaning of your hardwood floors. You can have this professionally done, or you can purchase a cleaning device such as a SMOP or a Swiffer to get the job done. You shouldn’t use a mop and bucket to clean hardwood, they are just not meant to withstand wet conditions.

#3 – It’s easy to install hardwood flooring

There are many YouTube videos and DIY websites touting the ease that hardwood flooring can be installed. Making the floor level, applying the proper number of finishes and ensuring everything fits well and looks good, is not an easy task. Even seasoned weekend warriors should be aware that this might just be a job they want to outsource to the professionals. Hardwood Installer has some great advice for all the different kinds of installations you can encounter, so you can prepare before trying to install yourself.

#4 – You can’t install hardwood in a basement

This is a long standing myth we hear in the shop all the time. In the past, it is true that you couldn’t just install hardwood right on top of a cement floor. With modern engineered hardwood however, there are many more possibilities. Floating wood floors (engineered floors manufactured into panels) can be installed at all grade levels and over any flat subfloor.

#5 – Hardwood floors don’t increase home value

Real wood floors, especially those that are original to your home, are a real asset. Take some universal advice, and refinish your floors if you are thinking of putting your house up for sale soon. “Having those gleaming hardwood floors is almost always a plus when presenting a house for sale,” said Gary Segal, of Keller Williams Realty in Blue Bell.

There you have it, the top 5 most common myths about hardwood flooring in the home busted! Have a myth you aren’t sure could be true? Leave a message in the comments below and let our experts help answer your question.

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