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Cleaning Oil Finished Flooring

There are many different kinds of flooring available and depending on the style and maintenance, you can decide what kind to get. Oil finished hardwood flooring is a great low maintenance option. If you decide on oil finished hardwood flooring then it is important to know how to care for the floor so that it will last to its fullest potential.

Regular Cleaning

The easiest and safest way to clean oil finished hardwood floors is by vacuuming them. About once a month it is important to do a deeper cleaning every month. When this is done it is important to buy cleaner specifically made for oil finished wood floors. When you are using your cleaner you need to work with two buckets: one with the cleaner and water, the other with water to rinse your mop out. It is very important while cleaning to have as little water transfer as possible.

Fixing Scratches and Stains

To fix scratches or stains. a master oil product needs to be purchased. It is very easy to spot treat these floors. If you are repairing a scratch, simply spray on the master oil and watch the scratch disappear. Stains are easy to fix as well, but the process is a little different. To take care of a stain put the master oil on the spot, let it sit 10 to 20 minutes, then scrub the spot until the stain comes out. You will then need to re-oil the floor in the area you fixed.

Lifetime Maintenance

Lifetime maintenance on oil finished flooring is really simple, because of the finish there is no need to sand and refinish these floors. After these floors begin to show wear from daily traffic and wear the floors and have new oil re-applied. this is typically done once a year in residential places and twice a year in commercial places. It is important to follow the directions of the product very carefully and to work in the floor in sections as you re-oil it.

Special Tips

  • The oil that is used on this flooring allows an liquid spilled to bead up it is still very important to get them cleaned up right away, as any liquid on wood flooring is not good for it.
  • Never use products on oil finished floors that are not made specifically for oil finished flooring.
  • protect the floors with mugs and mats
  • make sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions on for to care for the oil finished flooring, so that they last and all warranties and guarantees are protected.

Taking care of oil finished hardwood flooring can be really simple. If these tips are followed then one’s floor should look beautiful and last to its fullest potential.

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