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Cleaning Products For Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors can add a touch of class and elegance to any home. Homeowners are often surprised at how much a quality hardwood floor can impact the overall look and feel of their home – literally transforming it from boring to beautiful. For a lasting effect, however, hardwood floors must be properly maintained. There’s no denying it, keeping your wood floors in tip top condition is no easy task. After all, floors are meant to be walked on. It’s only natural that they collect dirt and grime overtime. The good news is there are some great cleaning products that can rejuvenate your hardwood floors and leave them looking brand new. Read on below for some maintenance tips and an overview of some of the cleaning products we recommend.

Go with Quality

When considering the type of cleaning products to use on your hardwood floors, here’s an important piece of advice to keep in mind: go with quality. Don’t cheat your floor (and your home) by selecting cheap products that will ultimately prove ineffective. What you save in dollars you will pay for in lingering frustration and personal dissatisfaction. Give your floor the treatment and care it deserves. Go with established, high-quality products from reputable brands. For example:

  • Bona – This brand, established in 1919, offers everything from sanding products to polishes and high gloss finishes.
  • Bruce – These products are known for their long-lasting shine to keep your floor looking new longer.
  • Zep – This is another great hardwood floor cleaner that reinvigorates, renews and restores floors.
  • Murphy’s Oil – This has been a favorite wood floor cleaner for almost 100 years, with a reputation for breathing new life and energy into floors that might otherwise appear dull and depressing.

These hardwood floor cleaning products contain special ingredients designed specifically to give your floors that vibrant and refreshing look.

Routine Care

Of course, you shouldn’t wait for your hardwood floors to completely fall apart before you make time for some routine maintenance. Clean and sweep your wood floors regularly. Any debris tracked in from outside should be handled right away to prevent damage to the floor. Regular vacuuming is also important. Vacuums with gentle spinning brushes are ideal, as they will not damage hardwood floors. Any spills should be mopped up immediately before they have a chance to settle, which can cause staining and discoloration.

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