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Do It Yourself: Repairing Scratches & Chips in Hardwood Floors

The beauty and sheer elegance of a quality hardwood floor is undeniable.  With proper care and maintenance, hardwood floors can last a lifetime and add significant value to a home.  Over time, however, hardwood floors are bound to collect minor scratches, chips, and even dents.  These problems commonly arise from the normal wear and tear of everyday foot traffic in your home and also from such things as pets, heavy furniture, and even high heeled shoes. While most people won’t even notice these small imperfections, when they are on your floor, it is likely to drive you crazy.

You may be wondering if there is anything you can do yourself to fix these common issues.  Well, if you’re the do it yourself kind of person who enjoys a good challenge, then there are a few things you can try to fix the problem areas on your own.  Offered below are a few resources with tips and instructions on how to repair small blemishes in your hardwood flooring.

Hardwood Floor Scratch & Chip Repair  Need a quick and easy way to fix a small scratch or chip in your hardwood flooring? This resource offers helpful tips for doing just that.  These simple solutions are great for repairing very minor imperfections and are basic enough for homeowners of any skill level.

How to Fix Scratched Hardwood Flooring  Repairing deeper scratches in hardwood flooring sometimes requires sanding, filling, and refinishing the problem area.  This article offers a more advanced and labor intensive technique for fixing deep scratches in your hardwood floors.

Fixing Scratches In Hardwood Floors – Slide Show  For the visual learners out there, this resource not only offers step-by-step instructions for fixing scratches and/or chips but also includes a helpful slide show with pictures of each step.

It’s just a scratch… why wouldn’t I repair it myself?  Well, let’s face it, not everyone is born with the natural ability to simply “fix things” around the house.  Your hardwood floors are an investment and proper care must be taken to keep them in the best condition possible.  If the necessary repair steps are not followed, a small scratch could quickly become a huge eye-sore.  Moreover, many homeowners just don’t have the extra time to spend meticulously sanding, filling, and refinishing a scratch and would rather just trust a professional to fix the problem correctly the first time.  For those who fall under this category, Universal Hardwood offers an excellent maintenance program that includes valuable services such as:  deep cleaning, floor stripping, refinishing & sealing, polishing, waxing, scrubbing, buffing, replacing felt pads under furniture, and scratch cover up/fill-in.  To learn more about our maintenance program, click here.

To help you maintain the natural beauty of your hardwood floors, Universal Hardwood would like to offer you a Free Maintenance Kit.  This kit, valued at over $30, will help you keep your floors shining for years to come.  Click here to learn more about this exclusive offer!
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