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Eco-Friendly Hardwood Flooring Options

Are hardwood floors eco-friendly? If you purchase wood floors, will you be investing in the environment or committing a faux pas? We’ve got all of your questions about eco-friendly wood floors covered this week.

Hardwood is a Renewable Resource

Forests are renewable with responsible harvesting of lumber. Lumber is harvested using environmentally responsible forestry practices. This means that several trees are planted for every mature tree that is harvested. Solid and engineered hardwood can be made of many different varieties of wood, all of which are renewable resources.

Bamboo is a Fast Growing Hardwood

Bamboo is actually a grass, but it is hard enough to make a solid wood floor out of. Bamboo flooring is well liked and considered an eco friendly flooring option. Bamboo regenerates in just seven short years. Be sure to select a bamboo flooring with a natural adhesive, as some cheaper wood flooring could potentially contain harmful glues.

Lasts for Decades

The higher quality a hardwood floor, the more likely it is to last in the long term. Thicker cuts of wood last longer as they can be refinished multiple times and still look as perfect as the day they were installed. Higher quality wood is also less likely to show wear and tear prematurely. In fact, hardwood floors can last for over 100 years if well maintained.

Cork Flooring is Ultra Sustainable

Cork flooring is made by carefully removing the bark of the Cork Oak without harming the tree. Instead of taking the entire tree out, layers can be removed and turned into hardwood flooring. Cork floors can take on really unique patterns and feels almost springy when you walk on it. This means it is less susceptible to heavy traffic and wear and tear.

FSC Certified

At Universal Hardwood, you may notice that a portion of our stock is FSC certified. This means the wood is responsibly harvested from sustainable forests. Though some stores may not think twice about including FSC Certified products in their inventory, we are committed to providing Los Angeles with hardwood floors they can feel confident in purchasing.

To sum it up, there are many ways you can be sure you are purchasing eco friendly flooring. Hardwood is a renewable resource and can last for decades in a home. Bamboo and cork flooring are sustainable options and have a very modern look. When in doubt, look for the FSC Certification on any wood flooring you purchase.

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