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EcoLogo Announces New Standard for Flooring and Hard Surface Cleaners

Do you know what your household cleaning products are made of?  Have you ever taken a minute to read the ingredients section on the back of the bottle?  Unfortunately, most people do not realize (or even stop to consider) some of the harmful chemicals that their everyday cleaners contain.  Ammonia, formaldehyde, and phthalates – just to name a few – are all hazardous chemicals commonly found in cleaning products.  But what can you, the homeowner, do to prevent these dangerous chemicals from entering your home?  Well, you may not have to do anything thanks to a new environmental standard for hard surface cleaners.

EcoLogo, one of North America’s most noteworthy eco-labels, recently released a revised standard for hard surface cleaners.  This new standard places limitations on the amount of asthmagens (chemicals known for causing and/or aggravating asthma) and other harmful agents that manufacturers can use in cleaning products.  By revising the standard, manufacturers will have to work harder to create safer, more environmentally friendly products that meet the criteria put forth by EcoLogo.  Earning the EcoLogo seal of approval is a prestigious honor because only the top 20% of products available on the market can achieve certification.  As EcoLogo states on their website, “Consumers can trust that products bearing the EcoLogo certification mark truly represent environmental leadership and provide tangible human health and environmental benefits.”

The standard covers a wide variety of products including:  general purpose cleaners, bathroom and glass cleaners, dish detergents, degreasers/cleaners for cooking appliances, floor cleaning products, and more.  With all the cleaning products available on the market today, how do you know if one is certified by EcoLogo?   EcoLogo has implemented a handy tool on their website where consumers can search for products by category or product type and check for standards & certifications.  To search for a product used in your own home, click here.

To read the full announcement from EcoLogo, please click here.

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