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Exotic Wood Flooring Options

Wood flooring has emerged as a popular flooring choice to be used throughout the home. While carpet had been the typical choice for bedrooms, exotic wood flooring has become the ideal choice because of the beautiful options that are available. Wood flooring is easier to clean, and it can be better for those who have seasonal allergies. There are many durable options available when considering exotic wood flooring.

Brazilian Cherry

When Brazilian Cherry floors are laid, the coloring is a bit brighter than what it will develop into. The coloring at first appears as dark hues mixed with highlights of a light yellow shade. As time passes, the highlighted tones will develop into deep crimson shades. The dark stripes in the wood provide an accent. The durability factor of Brazilian cherry makes the wood a prime choice when considering exotic wood flooring. The wood is able to handle a heavy volume of traffic and is often use indoors and outdoors.

Patagonian Rosewood

Patagonian rosewood works well with a variety of color schemes. The heartwood is a shade of pale brown, but when the wood is exposed it has tones of red and brown. This exotic wood flooring option is also extremely durable, and it can be used in a variety of settings such as commercial or residential. The shades of coloring and stripes in Patagonian rosewood are vivid and come together to create a beautiful design.


Mahogany floors are also well known for their striped finish. Mahogany is a wood that features darker colors and the tones are predominantly red and brown. There are several varieties of mahogany floors, and they vary in their durability ratings. Mahogany’s dark hues make it an elegant and attractive choice.


Timborana wood floors have lighter coloring than several other wood floors. The wood can have striping that is yellow or cream. Other parts of the flooring may be darker due to the dark hues present in the heartwood. The grain can appear to be wavy, and the wood has a low amount of shine to it. Timborana is rather durable and remains a popular choice for exotic wood flooring.

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