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Hand-scraped Hardwood in Los Angeles

Hand-scraped hardwood has been a popular choice among interior designers recently. The antique look is currently trendy, and hand-scraped hardwood offers a timeless way to bring the atmosphere of a room together. Hand-scraped hardwood adds a vintage style to any room or home while offering a rustic charm and warmth. It can also provide a more contemporary urban feel when paired with an industrial design scheme.

What is Hand-scraped Hardwood?

In the years before power sanders and factory work, all wood flooring was hand-scraped. When hardwood flooring began to be mass-produced, the look went out of style in favor of factory-formed flooring options.

 Hand-scraped hardwood flooring has recently seen a resurgence in popularity due to the many unique options available. Today’s hand-scraped hardwood flooring has the handmade look of the older flooring but modern finishes to help protect the floor, bringing together the best features of both types of flooring.

Hand-scraped hardwood and distressed hardwood are created through a similar process, but the hand-scraped hardwood ultimately shows more variation than the distressed flooring.

 What Are the Advantages of Hand-scraped Hardwood?

Hand-scraped hardwood is durable and adds warmth to any room. It’s also very forgiving if you have children or pets. The natural appearance of hand-scraped hardwood hides any minor scrapes, dents, or other blemishes that may occur over the lifetime of the flooring. If you are refurbishing an historic home, hand-scraped hardwood offers a smart way to replace the flooring without sacrificing the character of the home.

The hand-scraped look is an option for both solid hardwoods and engineered hardwood flooring. Since most types of wood flooring planks can be hand-scraped, there are a multitude of choices available for every budget.

Hand-scraped hardwood is an especially savvy flooring investment. If you want a different look in the future, you can change the texture and color of the flooring by refinishing it rather than replacing it. Hand-scraped hardwood also requires less maintenance than traditional hardwood flooring due to the look and feel of the wood. You won’t need to refill or recoat the flooring unless you want a smoother finish.

Hand-scraped Hardwood Flooring

Choosing hand-scraped hardwood flooring is much easier when you can discuss options with a flooring expert. Universal Hardwood’s West Los Angeles showroom gives you the opportunity to examine more than 2,000 samples of hardwood flooring in person. You can also speak with one of our flooring experts to find the best option for your home. If you’re searching for hand-scraped hardwood in California, stop by our West Los Angeles showroom or call us today at (310) 839-9663.

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