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Hardwood Flooring Variations

Natural Color Variation of Hardwood Flooring

Did you know? No two hardwood samples are exactly the same. In fact, if you put two samples of the same exact flooring side by side, you’ll likely notice slight differences in grain and color. For this reason, a single sample isn’t necessarily a good indicator of what a floor type will look like on a larger scale. In this article, Universal Hardwood flooring expert, Mario, shares his advice for considering color variation when selecting hardwood floors.

Is it a good idea to select hardwood flooring based on one sample?

Mario:   No. What I always explain to the customer is when we look at a board, they have to recognize that the grain is going to be 15% up or down as far as the color variation. For example, I’m trying to match a color for a customer. I’ve found the perfect match, however, I can see one board matches 100% and the other is more like 80% due to variations in the wood.

How many samples should a person consider?

Mario: Don’t make your decision based on one single piece. I suggest comparing at least three boards, side by side, to get a better idea of the variations.

What are some other important things to remember when selecting hardwood?

Mario: The beauty of hardwood flooring is in the variation. In fact, having slight variations in color/grain can help tie-in things like furniture.

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