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How to Clean Hardwood Floors

Proper maintenance will keep your hardwood floors looking great for years to come. Clean hardwood floors are subject to less wear and tear. They also make your home or business look more polished and inviting. Scuffs, scratches, dirt, and other imperfections can be cleaned quickly and easily with the following tips.

Preventative Maintenance for Hardwood Floors

No one wants to spend hours and hours cleaning, which is why hardwood floors are a great low maintenance choice. You can spend even less time cleaning hardwood floors by placing floor mats both inside and outside of entrance doors to help cut down on dirt that gets tracked in on shoes. Asking guests to remove their shoes upon entering your home can also help prevent dirt from getting tracked onto your floors, especially during rainy weather.

Place floor protectors under your furniture to make it easier to move around and prevent scuffing. Provide rugs for children to play on to prevent their toys from scratching your hardwood floors.

Basic Cleaning for Hardwood Floors

Dust mop your floors with a microfiber cloth regularly to pick up dust, pet hair, dirt, and other items that could scratch the surface of your hardwood floor. Using a broom is another possibility, but it doesn’t pick up debris the way a microfiber cloth does. You can also vacuum with a floor-brush attachment or an electric broom to remove debris from your floor.

Deep Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors

Grime, dirt, and oil can build up even with regular cleaning. It’s important to deep clean your hardwood floors regularly to keep their luster. Simply use the wood cleaning product of your choice to damp mop the floor with a sponge or rag mop. Select a hardwood floor cleaning product that is pH neutral, biodegradable, and nontoxic. (Our Loba Wakol product line is a great choice). Also, make sure the cleaning product you select is approved for use on your hardwood floor and finish to avoid damaging your flooring.

To damp mop, moisten the mop in the cleaning product and wring it until it is almost dry before using it on your floor. Do not allow water to stand on the floor; standing water can cause damage to your hardwood floor. Fans can help speed up the drying process when you have finished damp mopping the floor.

Polish your hardwood floor once every two or three months to keep your floor looking great. Polish prevents over cleaning and will help even your hardwood floor’s surface appearance. Consider a urethane-based polish with a fast dry time. Talk to a hardwood flooring expert before selecting a polish for your hardwood floors.

Get Advice for Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors

Visit our Los Angeles area showroom to learn more about cleaning and maintaining hardwood floors from our NWFA certified flooring installers. Our team of experts is happy to answer any questions you have about cleaning, maintaining, or selecting your hardwood flooring.

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