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Questions to ask before purchasing hardwood floors

Choosing to buy new hardwood flooring for you house is a big decision. It is smart to know the things to ask before purchasing them. You should know the different types of flooring available, how to care for the woods once you have them in your home, different types of finishes the floors can have, and other specialized care that is required.

What Types of Wood are Available for Floors?

Anyone purchasing hardwood floors for a home or business has several questions that require answers. A property owner might want to replace a building’s carpeting or other types of flooring and have no experience with wood materials. People have used a variety of wood floors in buildings for many years. Long ago, anyone wanting to have wood flooring was restricted to using materials made from trees in nearby geographic areas. Today, purchasing hardwood floors from all over the world is possible to have more exotic or unusual floor designs. Varieties of wood floor materials include:

  • Pine
  • Walnut
  • Cherry
  • Oak
  • Teak


How Do People Care for Floors Made of Wood?

Before purchasing hardwood floors, shoppers want to know how to take care of the materials to ensure it looks its best and lasts longer. Caring for wood flooring materials is usually easy by using a dust mop or broom to remove heavy debris such as dirt and gravel. Use a dry cloth to soak up spills such as beverages or pet accidents immediately. Place a doormat at the exterior and interior entrances of buildings to collect debris to prevent damage to wood flooring materials. Hardwood floors need to be deep cleaned a couple times a year depending on the amount of traffic the hardwood experiences. When doing this, a person needs to use the correct products made for hardwood.

What are the Types of Finishes for Wood Flooring Materials?

There are two major types of finishes for wood floors that most consumers choose for a business or home. These are water based polyurethane and oil modified urethane. In addition, consumers can find materials treated with varnishes, lacquers and shellacs. Oil treated floors are common with most oil treatments derived from vegetable rather than animal sources. It is also possible to paint untreated wood floors in plain colors or designs such as stripes or geometric patterns.

Do Wood Floors Require Specialized Care?

With normal or average foot traffic in a building, wood floor materials require buffing every three to five years to improve and repair the surfaces. Buffing requires approximately one day using a specialized machine that property owners can buy or rent. There are also professional technicians available with all the equipment necessary to buff a wood floor. Hiring experts is often the best option because the buffing process requires moving heavy furniture from the area to complete the task.

Additional Types of Wood Floor Care

When purchasing hardwood floors, a consumer may want to think about the type of care required many years later to keep the material in its best condition. Wood materials that are scratched, warped or discolored may require sanding to improve the surfaces. Sanding is often necessary to refurbish old floors with extensive damage. After the sanding is completed, a refinishing process begins to add new stain, paint or coatings to make the wood decorative.After you review this information and feel like you can make a detailed decision about the right wood floors for your house such as the type of wood you want, it is time to go make your purchase. After your wood floors are put in, you need to make sure you are taking care of them correctly, so they last  a lifetime.

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