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Secrets your Installer Won’t Tell You

Getting a beautiful hardwood floor just the way you want it isn’t always as simple as picking it out in the store and installing it yourself. Wood floors are organic creatures that aren’t designed for the weekend warrior to install on their own. You will likely want to employ an installer, which is where the complications come in. Here are our insider, top list of secrets your installer won’t tell you, but we think you should know anyways.

#1 Painting on low-cost finishes: installers may recommend a cheap finish that looks great but will actually wear out sooner and cause you to call them in a few short years to have your flooring refinished.

#2 Using glue as a leveler: some contractors will use glue to level out a floor, instead of flattening the sub-floor or replacing it. This can lead to hollow spots and the glue may shift around, causing it to be not level in time.

#3 Installing different fasteners: this is a well known way to cut corners in the industry. Installers will use better fasteners in the middle and brad nails towards the outside instead of using the same, high quality fastener throughout the floor.

#4 Laying cork in sub floor: is a common way to avoid using plywood. This can cause fasteners not to screw in properly and ultimately cause the floor to move around more than it should.

#5 Failing to test the moisture: when flooring is brought into the home, it isn’t tested nor is the home’s humidity. Unless wood flooring is properly acclimated, the hardwood flooring will buckle over the course of a year or so.

#6 Claiming the best floors have a high Janka rating: when the highest Janka ratings are also the most brittle kinds of wood. Wood floor finish and the Janka rating should be considered when selecting a quality hardwood floor.

#7 Recommending floating hardwood floors: and the result is often hollow sounding wood floors. These can make a lot of noise when walked on and not be suitable throughout the home.

#8 Dissuading you to install intricate wood flooring patterns: as they don’t have the skill to do it. If you want a wood floor pattern, such as herringbone. Patterns take a lot of skill and practice to do correctly. Installers have to plan how the pattern will begin and end so that it doesn’t look cut off. Angles can be tricky to get right and only true professionals should attempt.

#9 Insisting wood flooring has a 100 year warranty: and not explaining how wood flooring can truly last a lifetime. Quality wood floors take maintenance and refinishing in order to last a lifetime.

#10 Renting their own sanders: instead of owning a hardwood flooring sander, amateurs will rent them. This should be a red flag for hiring anyone who rents rather than owning their own equipment.

Armed with these secrets, you can ensure your hardwood flooring is installed correctly and will be enjoyed for years to come. Visit our showroom and you can get all the proper glue, fasteners, flooring and finish in one place along with a referral to a reputable installer.

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