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Soundproof Wood Floors

Many homeowners love having hardwood floors in their home. Aside from the fact that they are aesthetically pleasing, quality wood floors also add value to a home. In the majority of scenarios, the pros of wood flooring greatly outweigh the cons. Some homeowners (especially apartment dwellers) have a difficult time adjusting to the noise generated by hardwood floors. Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to reduce this sound or eliminate it altogether. Let’s take a look at why soundproofing wood floors is such an important practice.

Soundproofing Wood Floors: What Are The Benefits?

  1. Code compliance – Many states have laws regarding soundproofing. In these states, soundproofing is a necessity. In California, Sound Transmission Class (STC) and Impact Insulation Class (IIC) codes must be met by floors located in multi-level buildings. They must contain a minimum rating of 50.
  2. Increased value – As mentioned above, the installation of hardwood floors in a home or apartment complex can significantly increase a property’s value. Additionally, the fact that the floors have been properly soundproofed can be used a selling point to potential buyers and help assure them that noise won’t be a factor.
  3. Decreased noise – For apartment dwellers, hardwood floors that have not been soundproofed will be very noisy. You’ll be able to hear every footstep of your neighbor, and vice versa. Proper soundproofing can greatly reduce or eliminate these sounds.
  4. Increased tenant satisfaction – Tenants will be able to enjoy the beauty of their hardwood floor without the constant annoyance of the noise it produces.

Why Should You Soundproof Wood Floors?

One of the most common complaints of people living in apartments is hearing the footsteps of the people in the apartment above them. These noises can be annoying during the day. However, if they happen at night when you are trying to sleep, they can start to interfere with your quality of life. This noise is increased if the people on the floor above wear shoes while they are walking on their hardwood floor. These same noises can be heard if the tenant below you has a hardwood floor that has not been soundproofed. It is a bad situation to be trapped in the middle of two apartments that constantly generate these irritating sounds.

Noise isn’t only created by people walking on a hardwood floor. Any time an object is dropped or a piece of furniture is dragged across the floor, sounds are created that are usually loud enough to wake up the tenants in the nearby units. Soundproofing can eliminate the possibility of this nightmare occurring. The fact that many condo/co-op boards and building codes require soundproofing makes living in a condo or apartment much more pleasant than it used to be.
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