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Top 5 Wood Flooring Trends

Hardwood floors are still at the top of many homeowner’s list. It continues to be a rich and timeless look that’s durable, adds value and becomes the highlight of any environment. The option has also reached a level of styles that fit a range of tastes to go with any house and décor. Wood flooring trends continue to grow. If you are in the planning stages of putting in new floors, take a look at these top 5 wood flooring trends. Consider the ones that work for you and will make guests talk. If you’re planning on selling, find something that has the potential to appeal to most, creating an allure that will draw them in.

  • Gray and Gray Stained Hardwood Homeowners are praising the results of grays in their birches and maples. These woods tend to absorb ebony and darker brown stains, creating unique shades. People are sanding and refinishing existing oak to create gray finishes. The style has been increasingly popular in tile and carpet, and prefinished hardwood.
  • Hand Scraped Hardwood There was a time hardwood finishes were created with flat blades, scraping thin layers by hand until the lumber had a desired appearance. Though one couldn’t argue with the resulting beauty, it left human error like scrape marks. Homeowners are actually trying to recapture this look with modern tech. The modern “hand scraped” look gives floor patterns unique variances.

  • Satin Hardwood Finishes Gloss is becoming a thing of the past. As wood flooring trends go, satin finish is gradually replacing high gloss and semi-gloss applications. Unfortunately, under specific lighting, those finishes tend to highlight scratches, dents and other defects. Satin finishes are as impressive but minimizes maintenance and won’t magnify every crumb, foot print and scratch.
  • Distressed Hardwood Dating back to the 1800s and 1900s, distressed hardwood has had several comebacks, including trending in the 1970s and again in the 1990s. They are reminiscent of an old-fashioned appearance that imply stains, nail holes, gouges and slices, giving the room a sense of history and authenticity.

  • Cork and Bamboo Sustainability has made the cork and bamboo hardwood option extremely popular. Bamboo, for instance, is a regenerating grass and cork comes from tree bark, which also regenerates. Homeowners appreciate the quieter, warm look these options provide. They are also notably easier on leg muscles and knees.

Appeal and style is what wood flooring trends are all about. The above choices definitely fit the bill for practicality, beauty and property value.

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