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Universal Hardwood Pays It Forward

Jordan Meltzer doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty, especially when it comes to helping build homes for people in need. In addition to his other ties to top nonprofits in LA, he has gone out of his way to work as a community liaison for Universal Hardwood and help establish a strong long-term relationship with the Los Angeles chapter of Habitat for Humanity.

It’s not just Jordan’s ability to reach out and get involved that makes employees like him special; it’s his initiative to get involved away from the store that really helps make both organizations shine. “It’s been a great learning experience,” says Jordan. “We do all the organizing in the store of the product we plan to hand off to Habitat.” It’s quite a bit of product, too, and every dollar worth of philanthropic donations to organizations like Habit are a tax write off for the private businesses that donate to them. It helps companies like Universal Hardwood get involved in a note worthy cause that their industry can actually make a difference in; making sure these homes last for years to come.
With organizations like Habitat for Humanity and Universal Hardwood teaming up together, a real difference is being made in the community – one that is having a positive effect on the lives of the people living in these homes. Employees like Jordan take community involvement to a new level by encouraging the other members of the Universal Hardwood team to give whatever they can to support that same cause, even if it just means offering some products for sale in Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore location. These stores are used to generate income for ‘new, energy-rated home appliances and goods for Habitat for Humanity homes.’ Habitat for Humanity ReStore resells donated items, such as flooring products donated by Universal Hardwood, so that families in need ‘are given the opportunity to own new, never-before-used home materials that will last longer and prevent high utility bills.’
By donating quality goods, businesses not only get a tax write off, but they are helping the organization generate real income off of a product people actually want to buy. Universal Hardwood’s products are a favorite among Habitat’s ReStore customers. In fact, the last donation of flooring sold out in less than 24 hours! Habitat employees claimed that people liked the products donated by Universal Hardwood so much that customers still call regularly to see if additional products are available. The partnership Jordan has created gives the extra supplies from his employer, Universal Hardwood, a new and meaningful place to go while helping Habitat’s ReStore generate funds.
In addition to monetary donations, the Universal Hardwood team has been donating their free time, too. “The UH staff was great,” said Jacob, spokesperson from Habitat for Humanity. “Jordan was a dynamic leader throughout the entire process.” When employees weren’t working hard with helping hands, they were teaming up with other UH staff to use their heads to offer professional knowledge on how to properly care for the new flooring. “I think it’s important to ‘pay it forward’ and give back to the community whenever you can,” says Jordan. With years of industry experience from all of the Universal Hardwood employees, it’s easy to see how they use their skills to make an impact in the LA community.
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