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Why is Having a Wood Floor Warranty Partner So Important?

Protect Your Investment With a Wood Floor Warranty Partner

When purchasing hardwood floors for your home, one factor you definitely need to consider is the warranty that comes along with the flooring. All too often, we hear horror stories of people buying what they thought to be quality wood floors from ‘web-only’ stores (retailers who have no physical store, usually offering deeply discounted prices). Moreover, when issues arise with your hardwood floors (i.e. the finish starts to flake off), filing warranty claims with the manufacturer and/or company from which you purchased can be a huge nightmare. In this recent interview with Jeff Meltzer, CEO and founder of Universal Hardwood, Jeff explains the advantage of having a wood floor warranty partner and shares how real UH customers have benefited from this service.

Why is it so important to have a wood flooring partner who has your back on warranties?

Jeff: The best way for me to illustrate the importance of a warranty partner is to share a recent inspection I conducted for a couple in Encino, California. The homeowners purchased wood flooring from another retailer. After about two years, they noticed the finish on the kitchen flooring was beginning to flake off. After the homeowners contacted the retailer, the manufacturer sent an inspector to survey the damage and determine if it was covered under warranty. The inspector’s report indicated that the problem was related to issues from the use of the home – meaning the issue was not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. The customer then contacted UH to perform an additional inspection. Upon completion of our report, we were able to reverse the first inspector’s report. This resulted in the homeowners receiving the warranty coverage they were entitled to – a new floor.

Why is buying hardwood flooring from a ‘web-only’ company so risky?

Jeff: The same reason why it is risky to purchase a new car from a ‘web-only’ store online. Just think about it for a minute. If you buy a car from a dealership’s website, you will get the same repair and warranty claim services as you would if you purchased it off the lot. This is because they have a physical showroom location – somewhere you can take your car if service is needed. As the name suggests, web-only stores operate solely on the web and have no physical location. Therefore, if you have a problem, you can’t just drive you car back to the dealer. The same is true for buying hardwood from web-only retailers. In fact, some wood floor manufacturers state that the warranty is void if you purchase the floor from a retailer who does not have a physical showroom location.

It’s like buying a new car…

Jeff: I like to compare buying wood floors to buying a new car. If you could pay the same exact price for a car, but knew the company you were buying from would help you get the value from your warranty if needed, wouldn’t you buy from that company? The same logic applies to your flooring, which might be as expensive as a car in same cases.

Need Help With a Warranty Claim? Jeff Can Help!

Jeff Meltzer is an NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association) certified inspector; specializing in residential, commercial and international wood flooring inspection and dispute resolution services. Experiencing poor hardwood installation, faulty hardwood product, or other issues with your flooring or installation? Contact Jeff today.

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